Hey guys! This is Rosalynn Flynn. Well, that name is just an alias… Inside I am an Indian teenager past her stupidities and fears. Right here, I will be sharing with you my secrets, some stories from teens just like you and to tell you; you are not alone.

So guys…

This is a new blog. It will take me time to get with it. When I first discovered I could have my own blog, I was so excited… I have always wanted to write my own things and publish them someplace big. In this post, I will be giving you my intro.


I have been this kind, generous lady since like… Forever? I have decided that now it’s my time to go free… Act like I want to. Not the way people want me to. Now I know it takes time. And so do you. And if you’ve been a teenager like me, this blog’s for you! It is for everyone who has been through some rough patches… And a few super smooth ones. Here I am going to publish the best of all inspirational quotes, heart-moving stories of people and the making of warriors.

Check back soon for one of the best poems I’ve ever read.





Because I'm proud of so many things about my life…